Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of October 9, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


What a wonderful weekend we had for the second annual Festival de la Grande Eglise!! The weather was beautiful and we had good crowds. All seemed to enjoy the festivities. My participating in the 2 Mile Color Run was great fun for me, as well as the other activities of the day, especially Bishop Deshotel joining us at the 4pm Mass. There are many people to whom we owe thanks for making the festival such a great success, and there is an insert in this bulletin acknowledging those who helped to make the day possible. We especially thank our sponsors, without whose support the day would have never gotten off the ground. Please patronize them if you are able. We will be providing an accounting of the festival as soon as the numbers are available. Thanks again!!

Holy Ghost, AIC and Opelousas Catholic Homecoming this weekend
This weekend we celebrate homecoming for our alumni of Holy Ghost, AIC and Opelousas Catholic.  We welcome home those who have matriculated from these institutions and thank them for their continued support and positive presence in the world.  Our best wishes for all our alumni, and prayers and wishes for safe travel for those coming from out of town.

Cemetery Tours begin this weekend
The Cemetery Tours begin this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and will continue next weekend. We should remember the spiritual purpose of the tours, which is our prayer and appreciation for those who have gone before us who left us a legacy of Faith in Christ Jesus. This legacy includes the Faith that has been handed down to us from the time of the Apostles, as well as the things they've done to help us tangibly in our worship today, such as establishing our church parish and constructing the beautiful church which we have the privilege to worship in today.

We remember that the promise of Christ is eternal life, and His Resurrection (and thus our resurrection) on the Last Day is both in body and spirit. We treat the bodies of those who have passed from this life to the next with reverence because it is a Temple of the Holy Spirit while alive on earth, and also because it will be raised up in glory on the Last Day. Therefore, the funds raised by The Cemetery Tours are used to maintain, repair and beautify our historic cemetery. It is important that in reverence we properly maintain our cemetery because those who have gone before us have handed down the faith to us that was handed on to them by the generation before, and we are the beneficiaries of our ancestors teaching us our faith by both word and deed. Our devotion to this endeavor is evidence of that continuing belief in the resurrection and our appreciation for what has been done for us by our ancestors!

Fr. Brady

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