Friday, October 21, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of October 23, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


What beautiful weekends for our Cemetery Tours the last two weeks! They were picture perfect, and the tours were once again a great success. There was much preparation and hard work put into this year's tours by many people. We thank the Cemetery Tour Committee and all those who supported, assisted and helped in making this year's tours such a great success. We also want to thank all who came and took the tour, both parishioners of St. Landry Church and our visitors. Proceeds from the tours are used for cemetery maintenance, as this month we remember and reverence those who have gone before us and have handed down to us their faith, culture and wisdom.

In that regard, we are at the time of year when we remember those who have passed into the next life before us. We especially remember our deceased loved ones on All Saints Day, which is November 1, and All Souls Day, which is November 2. Two things we should be reminded of during this time. First, if you have family members who are buried in St. Landry Cemetery, please check on their tombs, and if necessary, spruce them up or repair them. Our cemetery is beautiful, and we hope to maintain that beauty through the continued effort to maintain the tombs properly. We hope that families will continue the tradition of reverencing their ancestors by proper maintenance of their tombs. Second, our cemetery was built at a time when families maintained the tombs of their family members as well as the grounds. Because of this, cemetery endowments were not deemed necessary, so our cemetery has no endowment for perpetual maintenance. As a church parish, we maintain the cemetery without charge of a cemetery maintenance fee, and the cost of maintaining the grounds for some 4,000 tomb sites is, to say the least, substantial. The Festival de la Grande Eglise was established to help offset these cost.  If you were unable to support the festival, please consider a donation for cemetery maintenance. Special envelopes are in the church for this purpose. Thanks so much! 

Please also note the upcoming special liturgies we will have next week.  Our annual Cemetery Blessing will take place next Saturday after the 4pm Saturday Mass, beginning at approximately 5:15pm. Of course, November 1st is All Saints Day and a holy day of obligation, meaning that we attend Mass just as if it was a Sunday.  We will have a vigil Mass on Monday, October 31st at 5:30pm and will have Masses on November 1st at 8:40am (OCS Mass), 12:05pm and 5:30pm.  Please make every effort to attend this wonderful celebration of all the saints God has created and who have brought the Light of Christ into our world.  Finally, our annual All Souls Day Memorial Mass will be at 6pm on November 2, where we especially remember those who have died in the last year and pray for the consolation of their families.  Hope to see you all at these special liturgies!!

Last Weekend's Centennial Campaign Kick-Off
Thanks to all of you for the positive response we received after the kick-off last weekend of the Centennial Campaign.  Many of you have made the effort to let us know of the positive reception the campaign has received, and that is very much appreciated.  As stated, we are nearly half way to our goal, and we will begin publishing our status in the coming weeks in the bulletin so that you can be kept up to date on how the campaign is going.  Know of my appreciation to all who have helped in the campaign, including the diocesan personnel, volunteers, donors and all who have prayed for the campaign.

Mom and Dad
Finally, thanks so much for all the help and prayers for my Mother and Father.  So many of you have followed up with me to see how they are doing and to let me know of your prayers for them.  Please know that I informed them of your prayers and support and that they greatly appreciate it.  They are doing fine, adjusting to their new surroundings, and they are in good spirits.  Considering the circumstances of the flood, the transition is going better than we could have ever expected.  Thanks again!    

Fr. Brady

Many of the Senior Class @ Opelousas Catholic will be attending the Annual March for Life in Washington, DC in January. Students will be at the entrances our church after Masses this weekend selling Raffle Tickets and accepting donations to help defray the cost of this trip. Please keep all attending in your prayers. And let us continue to pray for an end to abortion in our nation! 

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