Friday, October 28, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of October 30, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


This week we celebrate and honor those who have returned to their eternal home, our ancestors and relatives who, by God's gift of Grace, lived a good life in word and deed and played their part in handing down the faith to us who live here today. In the same way, we are called to be lights of Christ to those around us and especially to those whose faith formation is entrusted to our care, particularly our children. This week we have several events marking our devotion, thanking God, and praying for those who have gone before us.

Saturday, we will have our Cemetery Blessing after the 4pm Mass at 5:15pm. Tuesday, November 1st, All Saints Day, is a Holy Day of Obligation, meaning we are obligated to attend Mass that day. We will have a Vigil Mass at 5:30pm Monday, October 31st, and Masses on November 1st at 8:40am (Opelousas School Mass), 12:05pm and 5:30pm. Finally, on Wednesday, November 2, we will celebrate All Souls Day where we pray for those who are in purgatory. Mass that day will be at 12:05pm and there will be a special Memorial Mass for those who were called home in the last year at 6pm. A display of those who died in the last year will be in church by the Marian Altar until Thanksgiving week for us to remember them and to assist those who would like to pray for them by name.

Fr. Lafleur's Chalice Comes Home!
Some very exciting news...Fr. Lafleur's chalice was located in Cary, Illinois!! Last week, I was able to travel with Richard and Carrol Lafleur, Fr. Lafleur's nephew and niece-in-law, to receive the chalice. The chalice has been given to Sacred Heart Church of Ville Platte for safe keeping. Sacred Heart Church is the parish where Fr. Lafleur went to church as a child until his family moved to Opelousas when Fr. Lafleur was 12 years old. A priest's chalice is a most sacred item because of its use in the Holy Mass. For a priest, his chalice, usually received at ordination, is a most cherished symbol of his priestly life, akin to the meaning wedding rings have for a married couple. More information on the chalice and how it was located will be provided later, but for now let us thank God and the priest who was willing to give us the chalice, Fr. Carl Beekman of Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Cary, Illinois. Our plan is to use the chalice in our All Saints and All Souls Masses before it is returned to Sacred Heart Church in Ville Platte.

Centennial Campaign - Volunteers Needed!
The Centennial Campaign is going very well, and we have passed the 50% mark our goal. We will soon be publishing the progress in the bulletin. For now, we will begin the second phase of the campaign next week, which is making phone calls to those we could not personally visit during the initial phase of the campaign. We need volunteers to help with phone calls in asking for donations. Training will be done on November 9 at 5:30pm in Valentin Hall and the actual work of the phone calls will be from approximately 6-8pm. Other dates for the phone bank will be provided at that time. Please come if you are able and bring your cellphone. Any time you are able to give, even if just for one evening or for a part of an evening, will be greatly appreciated!

Election Homily Link
As I mentioned last week in my homily, there was an excellent homily given and posted on the internet for viewing.  It is well worth watching and puts our election and the issues that it raises into a Catholic perspective, especially on the issues of the protection of life and human dignity.  Here is the link to the homily, which lasts about 20 minutes:

On another election note, there are groups running ad campaigns in association with the election next week who claim to be Catholic and support the abortion movement.  Please know that these groups do not speak for our Church and are gravely erroneous in their depiction of Catholic teaching.  Support of abortion in any way (procuring one, performing one, paying for one, advising someone to have one, etc.) is a serious matter and incompatible with our Christian Faith.  This includes voting for a candidate who supports abortion when there is a viable alternative candidate who supports the right to life (unfortunately, there may be times when there is no candidate who supports the right to life, so one is forced to vote for a candidate who supports abortion rights, which is another sad statement about the status of our society).

Fr. Brady

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