Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of August 9, 2015 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

This weekend Bishop Jarrell will dedicate our new altar at the 10 am Mass.  It is a very exciting time for our parish! Please join us for the Rite of Dedication as well as the reception that will follow in the Valentin Hall kitchen. The solemn rite of dedication we will celebrate was formerly called the "consecration of an altar," but is now referred to as the "dedication of an altar."  In the rite, the altar is dedicated for the special use of our parish celebrations of the Eucharist.

The word consecration literally means "association with the sacred." The term has various nuanced meanings in different contexts.  A synonym for "to consecrate" is "to sanctify," or to set apart and  make holy.  Obviously, the most important thing we do as a community is worship Jesus as he taught us in the Eucharistic celebration, and we will dedicate the altar specifically for this special purpose.  A beautiful part of the Prayer of Dedication sums up that for which we hope:  Lord, we stand before you in prayer and ask "that you bless this altar built in the house of the Church, that it may ever be reserved for the sacrifice of Christ, and stand for ever as the Lord's table, where your people will find nourishment and strength."

Every dedicated altar has a first class relic of a saint imbedded in it.  It is most preferable, of course, that a relic from the patron in the parish (in our case St. Landry) be used.  We do not have available a relic of St. Landry, so we have chosen to embed in the altar a relic of St. Vincent de Paul.  The relic of St. Vincent de Paul was chosen because he and St. Landry have a common French heritage and they both gave great service to and had great love for the poor.

Next Saturday, August 15, is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Usually it is a holy day of obligation, but since it falls on a Saturday this year the obligation is suspended. As usual, we will have Mass that morning at 8 am, but because of the solemnity, the Mass will be celebrated in the church rather than the Valentin Hall Chapel.

Finally, school started last week for some of our students, and for some it will start this week. We welcome back all the students, faculty and staff at Opelousas Catholic, especially our new principal, Mr. John Cavell. We also pray for students, teachers and staff at other schools or who are schooled at home. The beginning of the school year brings excitement to all as we think of our young people continuing the journey of their education, not only an education in academics, but also their growth in faith and human maturity. Of course, they are growing physically, and it always amazes me how much our children grow each summer!

As we begin this school year, let us pray that our children and teachers have a safe and successful year, developing the talents given to them by God for use in service to Him and our neighbors. May they, and we, continue to grow in faith, hope and charity over the coming nine months!


Our 12:05 WEEKDAY MASSES for 8/10-8/14 will be celebrated @ Holy Ghost Catholic Church to accommodate our Sanctuary Flooring project! Special thanks to Fr. Jaison and the Holy Ghost staff for their gracious hospitality!

      Father James Brady

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