Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of August 16, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Last weekend was a wonderful experience for our church community.  The altar, by all accounts, is beautiful and fits into our church sanctuary in both size and style.  As with any project of this nature, there were some bumps along the way, and all who were involved were devoted and flexible in their roles in making the installation possible.  As with any undertaking of this size, there are many people to thank.

So we thank those who helped last week in making the altar installation a success and our liturgy dedicating it a meaningful and touching event for so many.  Insofar as logistics and installation are concerned, we owe a debt of gratitude to the following, without whose hard work and dedication the installation would not have been possible:

  • Courvelle Toyota, who provided logistical support for the installation;
  • Leonard Bertrand General Contractors, Inc. who provided the preparatory work;
  • Carpetland, Inc., who provided preparatory work;
  • Phil Borel, sound expert, who provided logistical support;
  • J.C. Stone Experts, out of Houston, Texas, who installed the altar;
  • The Gatz Home and Garden, St. Michaels, MD from whom we purchased the altar and helped design it;
  • Deacon Joubert, who coordinated the installation with the contractors;
  • Our office staff, who took on extra work in administrating The Sanctuary Campaign;
  • Our maintenance staff, who also took on extra work and provided support to the contractors while on the premises; 
  • Fr. Jaison and our brothers and sisters at Holy Ghost, who provided a place for our daily Masses during installation.

Insofar as the Dedication Mass is concerned, we want to acknowledge and thank Bishop Jarrell for his willingness to come and celebrate with us, and also the following:

  • Deacon Joubert for coordinating the liturgy and the reception after on our end;
  • Deacons Miller and Diesi for their attendance and support;
  • Fr. William Blanda and Deacon Jay Bergeron, the bishop's masters of ceremony;
  • Our altar servers, readers and other lay ministers who did a wonderful job with a different liturgy;
  • Our choir, who provided beautiful music for the liturgy;
  • Andrew Guidroz, who was the photographer during the liturgy;
  • Our Altar Society (Group 3), who managed to completely clean the church after the installation in time for the Mass.

But most of all, we thank God for his kindness and blessing to us, and you, the members of our parish community, without whose prayers and generosity none of this would have taken place.  Many, Many Thanks!

Last month, we installed a new phone system to better serve you.  When you call, please listen to all the options, as you are now able to dial directly all of our office personnel, and if they are not available, to leave a voicemail for them.  The extensions are on the recording, and they will also be placed in the bulletin.  So far, the system has worked well, although there have been a few bugs which we are working to correct.  For now, if you have a problem with the system, please let us know so we can correct it.

      Father James Brady

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