Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of August 2, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

(While Father Brady is away on vacation, he has invited the three Deacons of our parish to be guest contributors. This week we are happy to hear from Deacon Dwayne Joubert!)

Greetings fellow parishioners! I hope that your summer is going well and that you have been able  to find some time for rest and rejuvenation with your families. It is hard to believe that by this time next week many of our area students will already have had their first day of classes! How time flies. I pray that the new school year is fruitful for all.

As most of you know, for the past two years I have been a full time member of the staff here at St. Landry. Over that time my duties have varied and last school year I actually spent time in the classroom as a part time Religion Teacher at Opelousas Catholic in addition to my responsibilities here in the parish. As the demands of our growing parish have increased, Father Brady encouraged me to relinquish that responsibility so that I can be freed to assist him in coordinating the many projects that are underway and are on the horizon for our community. I do intend to continue to assist the administration at OC in any way possible, but the bulk of my time will be spent here in the parish.
In addition to assisting in coordinating  the physical plant projects, my duties include, but are not limited to Director of Religious Education, Youth Coordinator, Liturgy Coordinator and Cemeterian.
The youth programs in our parish are largely in their early stages and continue to grow!. Last school year we re-introduced CCD instruction for our students. About nine months ago our newly formed Youth Choir sang at their first Mass.  We sponsored trips for our youth to attend the Abbey Youthfest as well Steubenville on the Bayou Youth Conference again this year. A couple of weeks ago we held our 2nd Vacation Bible School.  None of these activities would be possible without  the support and prayers of our Pastor and YOU our parish community!   There is more to come… We intend to begin monthly Youth Group Gatherings on Sunday evenings beginning in September. In January of 2016, we are assisting Diocesan efforts in hosting a Youth Rally at Opelousas Catholic (more on that later!), and our Youth Choir’s participation in our liturgies will continue to increase.

This is a very exciting time for our parish and I am humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of it! I continue to grow in my love for you, the parishioners of Saint Landry, and I feel your prayerful support as I try my best to minister to your needs.

My prayers remain with you,

      Deacon Dwayne Joubert


Installation of our NEW ALTAR is scheduled for the week of 8/3-8/7… This is a very exciting time for us as a Church Community! Bishop Jarrell will be with us to celebrate 10 AM  Mass and Consecrate the Altar on August 9th! There will be a reception following the Mass in Valentin Hall.


Our 12:05 WEEKDAY MASSES for the weeks of 8/3-8/7 & 8/10-8/17 will be celebrated @ Holy Ghost Catholic Church to accommodate our New Altar installation and Sanctuary Flooring project! Special thanks to Fr. Jaison and the Holy Ghost staff for their gracious hospitality!

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