Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of January 12, 2014 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

This weekend we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus, which reminds us of our own baptism. In our Baptism the Gates of Heaven were thrown open to us and we received the Grace to live a Christian Life. However, we must cooperate with our Baptismal Grace. We can do this by undertaking prayer and the study of our faith in order to know better and grow closer to Christ in our words and deeds. As pastor, I believe our community at St. Landry should provide reasonable means for all of us to be "formed" into the life of Christ. Christian Formation is a combination of study, prayer and worship that directs and leads us towards Christ in the lives that have been given to us.

In that regard, I am excited to announce four new programs that will be introduced over the next few months that will be directed towards our formation and the spiritual welfare for all in the parish. We will reconstitute our CCD program this Fall for our children in a format relying on home study and parental teaching, since it is the parent's primary duty to educate the children with whom God has entrusted them. Parents will be provided support from the church in monthly meetings, and weekly lessons will be taught by the parents in the home. The informational meeting for this program will be Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 2pm in Valentin Hall. Please mark your calendar if your family is interested in this program.

In addition, we will begin 3 other programs in Lent that we hope will continue after the Lenten Season. We will begin two prayer groups, one for men and one for women. For men, we will begin the "That Man is You" program and it will be directed by Deacon Joubert. The meetings will be weekly and are tentatively scheduled for 6am on Wednesday mornings. For women, we will have a prayer group in the "Come, Lord Jesus" format, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 5:15 pm. Finally, for those baptized adults who have not received the sacrament of Confirmation, we will have an Adult Confirmation Class led by Deacon Diesi on Monday afternoons, with Confirmation taking place at the Easter Vigil on April 19, 2014.

     Fr. James Brady

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