Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of February 02, 2014 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

With the beginning of the new year, a spring time of sorts comes early to our parish - the beginning of sacramental preparation of our children for their First Confession and First Communion, of our young adults for their reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation, of many couples preparing for Holy Matrimony in what will be a busy schedule of weddings throughout the year, and of many parents preparing for the Baptism of their children. We have 17 of our children preparing for their First Confession and First Communion, 18 of our young adults preparing for Confirmation, and we will celebrate approximately 30 weddings throughout this year.  We have one seminarian, Ben Pitre, who will continue his studies in the Fall at the North American College in Rome, Italy preparing for Holy Orders and thereafter serving as a priest of our diocese.  Next weekend, we will administer the Anointing of the Sick in conjunction with the World Day of the Sick at the 4pm Saturday, February 8 Mass, for all those who are in need and would like to receive the sacrament.  Please see the announcement in this bulletin for details on it.  Anointing of the Sick, of course, is available at any time for those in need.  Just call the office to set up a time for a visit.

It is a good time for us, a parish community, to reflect on the goodness of God in giving us the gifts of the sacraments, which are channels of grace that help us to live the Christian vocation given to each of us. Please remember in your prayers all those preparing to receive sacraments this year, their families and our church community, as these times are definitely times of joy and thanksgiving for all!

     Fr. James Brady

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