Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pastor's Corner - from Father James Brady

By the time this Sunday arrives, the roofing project for Valentin Hall should be completed except for some touch up work and the painting of the fascia boards. The roof looks great, and we want to thank our contractor, Mikor Construction, for doing such a professional job. The roofing projects on the rectory and the south sacristy will begin this week and should be completed within a week's time. I want to thank all for their patience in working around the construction during these weeks, especially our daily Mass attendees.

The readings this week focus on the need for us to recognize our sinfulness, because this recognition begins the process of our repentance, followed by God's mercy and forgiveness, and then resulting in our transformation in His Grace. As we hear the Gospel reading today, we should each think of ourselves as the Lost Sheep, and think of the love God has for us at our return to the flock. Remember, Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but rather to liberate it and save it!

Father James Brady