Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - Two Prayers

St. Joseph the Carpenter, circa 1645 by Georges de la Tour

Two prayers today for workers and laborers on this Labor Day. The painting above hangs in the Louvre. It depicts St. Joseph using an awl to drill a hole in a piece of wood in a position reminiscent of the cross. Jesus as a child holds a candle providing light and symbolizing his obedience.

Two Prayers for Workers/Laborers

O God, the creator of all things, who formed the law of labor for the human race, graciously grant that by the merits and patronage of St. Joseph, we may do the work You assign us and earn the reward You promise. Through Our Lord, Jesus. Christ. AMEN

Lord God, You have created all things, and imposed on man the necessity of work. Grant that, following Joseph’s example, and under his protection, we may accomplish the work you give us and obtain the rewards you promise.
This we ask through our Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN