Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of September 18, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


Jesus' words after the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, and after he had washed His disciples feet: [If] I washed your feet...then you must wash each other's feet....What I just did was to give you an example: as I have done, so must you do." Jn 13: 14-15. As Jesus teaches us, our worship of God in the Eucharistic celebration does not end after Mass, but rather is just beginning. We receive in the Eucharist the grace to live our Christian lives in serving God and each other. This service extends outside the walls of our church to our neighbors. We help others by serving in our church and helping those in need. Thus, our worhsip of God and our spiritual lives are incomplete without this service. Traditionally, we have categorized service in the gifts of "time, talent and treasure." This weekend, we will conduct our annual Ministry Fair, when we focus on "time and talent."

Our annual Ministry Fair is an opportunity to learn the various ways we can serve here at St. Landry and to consider giving our time and talent for the church's ministry, whether the ministry is within the church building or out in the community. In supporting our church community, everyone who is able should have some service to our church in order to fully participate in our parish life. For families, what a great way for parents to teach their children the importance of service in following Jesus. In our parish, there are opportunities for service individually and in a group or social setting. There's something for everyone. Since service is the primary function of a deacon, Deacon Joubert will preach the homily this weekend about the importance of service in our spiritual life.

One special area of need for our parish this year is preparation for The Festival de la Grande Eglise as well as volunteers for the festival itself, which takes place October 1.  I hope you can make the time to pitch in, as well as volunteer to work during the festival. There are sign up sheets in the back of the church with festival committee chairs to answer any questions you may have. Please help...we need it!!

Orphan Train Musuem-The importance of history
In order for us to understand where we are, we have to understand what came before us.  I was blessed to be asked recently to do the invocation at the Orphan Train Museum annual gathering as well as to bless the building and grounds.  I had been to the museum several times in the past for brief tours, but had never spend a lot of time there or met the people who are descendants of the orphan train riders.  Without going into great detail, it struck me how many people in our area have family roots recorded in the museum, as well as the wonderful fruit produced by the acts of charity of parents who were willing to give their children up for a better life and those willing to take the children in to provide that life.  Our church, St. Landry, under the leadership of our then pastor, Msgr. John Engberink, was a crucial cog in helping to facilitate the travel and adoptions.  It reminds us of how blessed we are and how many people have given in the past to give us the life we have today. 

Father Brady

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