Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of September 11, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


We have a very busy couple of months coming up at St. Landry!  

Initially, over the next two weekends we will have our annual Ministry Fair September 17-18 and annual Financial Report September 24-25.  The following week is our annual Festival de la Grande Eglise which kicks off September 28 with "Nuit de la Comedie" featuring Cajun humorist Kent Gonsoulin with dinner and a silent auction, followed by the festival day Saturday October 1.  We then move into our Cemetery Tours and preparation for All Saints and All Souls Days in October/November.  
The festival will include all the favorite events and activities from last year as well as some new ones, including the Nuit de la Comedie, a spaghetti dinner, and live music from 12-3pm.  Bishop Deshotel will be the main celebrant and homilist at the 4pm Mass that evening to conclude the festival.  Tickets for the spaghetti dinner and Nuit de la Comedie are limited and on sale now, so please be sure to get yours!  More information on the festival can be found at  

Like last year, many volunteers will be needed on the festival day, and there are sign-up sheets in the back of the church for those who are able to help.  Please be generous with your time, and any help, even just an hour or two, is very much appreciated!  We should also take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who have been working all year to plan the festival.  The chair of the festival is Yvonne Normand, and the Festival Executive Committee members are Deacon Dwayne Joubert, Sharon Ortego and Harry Ragas.  There are many other sponsors and chairs of the different events for the festival, and we thank each of them for their willingness to help!

Many, Many Thanks for the Fr. Lafleur Memorial Mass!

We thank all of those who helped with the beautiful liturgy at the Fr. Lafleur Memorial Mass. It was very special that our new bishop, Bishop Deshotel, was able to attend for the first time.  We thank him for his willingness to be with us for this very special event in the life of our parish.   We also give our heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the liturgy: The priests and deacons who served and attended; Deacon Joubert, who coordinated the liturgy; the choir and its director, J.P. Porrier; the lay liturgical ministers, including the sacristans, lectors and altar servers; and the various service groups who were in attendance (Catholic Daughters, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Peter Claver and Military Honor Guard). We especially thank the Friends of Fr. Lafleur, coordinated by Richard and Carrol Lafleur, for helping to cultivate devotion to Fr. Lafleur and promote his cause for sainthood.  Through the efforts of the Friends of Fr. Lafleur, which is active all year long, our St. Landry Church community better understands our rich history and through the good example of those who came before us, are inspired to live our lives more firm in our faith! 

St. Landry Centennial Campaign

In July we announced in a Pastor's Corner that we would begin our portion of the Centennial Campaign this month. The Centennial campaign is a diocesan campaign celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our diocese. We have now begun the campaign here at St. Landry. You should have received a letter from myself and Bishop Deshotel about the campaign. If you did not, then please let us know as you may not be registered in the parish. The campaign begins with in-home visits to our parishioners. Obviously, this is a big effort requiring much time, and I am happy to say that we have approximately 20 volunteers who have joyfully embraced the task of helping to make the in-home visits. I hope that all of us, including myself, will open our doors and hearts to the volunteers and the campaign. As you know, we have begun to do much needed renovation and updating of our campus buildings, beginning the the church 2 years ago and now in Valentin Hall. We've been moving along as our finances have permitted. The success of the campaign has the potential to help us complete the needed repairs and updating not only of Valentin Hall, but also the remaining work on the rectory and the church. Let us all pray for the success of the campaign!

Valentin Hall Construction

Finally, Valentin Hall Construction is moving along nicely, although the parking lot work was delayed a bit due to the weather.  Parking lot construction was scheduled to begin last week and will continue for the next 3 or 4 weeks.  Please be aware of the construction when visiting the church.  If you need to visit the office during the week, please park on Prudhomme St.  It may be more convenient during construction to take care of anything that can be by phone or email.  In the end, we are very excited about the design of the new parking lot, as it will service both Valentin Hall and the church building, will provide handicapped access to Valentin Hall, and will certainly make our campus more functional and beautiful.  Thanks again for all your support to help make this project possible!

Father James Brady

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