Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of June 19, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


Happy Father's Day! Many thanks to all of the devoted fathers who lead and guide their families by teaching and example. The ultimate goal is to make our way to Christ, and thus to God, The Father. We pray that in their fatherly vocation they always stay focused on true good for their families, which is the salvation of the souls entrusted to their care. Again, Happy Fathers’ Day!

Valentin Hall Construction to Begin This Week!
I am happy to announce that the final approval of the Valentin Hall renovation plans and financing was received last week and that we signed the construction contract.  Construction is scheduled to commence tomorrow, June 20, and we hope it will be completed in November, if not before.  As you know, our original plans had to be modified to meet our needs and budget capabilities.  In rough numbers, the cost of the renovation is $731,000.  We have already paid approximately $140,000 of these expenses and have approximately $400,000 in funds remaining after leaving a sufficient amount for a "rainy day" in the case of an emergency building repair.  The remainder of the necessary funds will be borrowed from the diocese, and we hope to pay off this debt within a year or two after construction (we should receive, after construction, a significant amount of assessment and tax credits to help pay down the debt quickly).  

The first phase, the replacement of the windows, is nearly complete.  There is no doubt the new windows have been a great improvement and will make the building much more energy efficient.  Many thanks to Lenard Bertrand General Contractors and Guaranty Glass for a job well done!  When our parking lot, handicapped entrance and other exterior improvements are made, the building and corner will be not only more functional, it will be much more attractive.

The interior renovations will both restore the building and improve functionality for parish use. The work will improve the building infrastructure which includes an electrical upgrade and wiring, lighting, air conditioning; bathrooms (including handicap accessibility); more meeting rooms; more office space; and a newly renovated kitchen/small reception area. The hall will serve us better as our parish center not only for offices and meeting space, but also for the education of our children in CCD and sacramental preparation programs.  It will also provide adequate space for bible study and prayer groups. It is indeed a very exciting time for us, and our hope is that the newly renovated building will serve our parishioners needs for years to come.

As we begin construction, know that our goal is for the parish to continue to operate as usual.  However, as with any construction project, there will be inconvenience to all of us, so we ask for your patience and that you bear with us during this time.  Please keep the safety of the workers in your prayers, as well as the success of the project.  Thank you again for your generosity and support, without which this endeavor would not have been possible!

Parish Advisory Board Elections
I am happy to announce that it is not necessary to have Parish Advisory Board elections.  All three of the nominees, Nancy Briley, Howard Fournier and Yvonne Normand will serve on the board.  Yvonne Normand will be an ad hoc appointee to the board for a term of three years, and Nancy Briley and Howard Fournier will serve 3 year elected terms.  Howard will be serving his second term, and Nancy will fill the vacancy created when Lori Briggs ended her second term of service this month.  Many thanks to them and all of the members of our Parish Advisory Board for their willingness to serve! 

Father James Brady

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