Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of July 03, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner


This Monday we celebrate Independence Day, July 4, 1776, the date of the founding of our country. Over the course of 240 years our country has grown from the thirteen original colonies to 50 states, and she has seen ups (economic prosperity to the extent that poverty, as it was once known, has now been re-defined) and downs (the injustice of slavery and abortion), as well as events that were a mix of both (multiple wars where we've lost loved ones willing to die for our freedom, while at the same time being uplifted by their willingness to do so).

Despite the current movement of our society away from both the founding principles of our country and our Catholic teaching on virtue and morality, we are certainly blessed to live in a country where we are able to freely exercise our faith.  We have been blessed by ancestors who have handed on to us a legacy of freedom and self-governance, a legacy no other modern society has provided for its citizens to the extent we have it.

In that regard, let us thank God for those men and women who had the foresight and inspiration to establish such a society, thank God for those who throughout our history have defended our freedom and given their lives so that we are able to live in this free society, and let us renew our devotion to God who has given us this great blessing. We have been given an opportunity to live a life few other people in human history have been given, and as such we have a greater responsibility to take advantage of these blessings and use them for God's greater glory, especially in living out our Catholic Faith. Let us continue to pray for our country to become more just, let us do what we can to make our country more just, and let us thank God for the wonderful blessing of living as citizens of this great country. May God Bless America!

New Life Center - St. Landry Church Receives Good Samaritan Award
Thanks to all who helped New Life Center with toiletries over the last couple of weeks.  The director informed me that they have received a sufficient amount of toiletries to get them through the lean months of summer.  She expressed her sincere appreciation for our help, and know of my appreciation as well.  Many thanks!

Speaking of New Life Center, St. Landry Church was honored at the annual Catholic Services of Acadiana banquet with "The Good Samaritan Award" for its service to New Life Center.  There are three things that we do to serve the ladies and families there.  First, we sponsor a Saturday morning "bacon breakfast" for them monthly.  The Catholic Daughters of America, the Knights of Columbus, and the Friends of Fr. Lafleur sponsor the breakfast and do an outstanding job of putting the breakfast together.  It is a really good meal, and we certainly invite anyone who would like to help or just have a meal to come.  We thank these groups and the volunteers who are willing to serve.  We also have a Bible Study twice monthly and we offer rides to the ladies and children who would like to attend out 10am Mass Sunday mornings.  Many thanks again to the volunteers who help with these activities!

Father James Brady

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