Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of October 4, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

What an exciting week is coming up!  The inaugural Festival de la Grande Eglise will take place this coming Saturday, October 10.  Many hours of planning, preparation and work have been done, and we pray for good weather and the success of the festival.  If you have not yet signed up and are able to help out, please remember to volunteer to work at the festival.  The response has been great so far is much appreciated!

In that regard, many thanks to all who came for our parish work day last Saturday.  There were some 50 people who were able to volunteer their time to spruce up the buildings and grounds in preparation for the festival.  Our three deacons (Deacon Miller, Deacon Diesi and Deacon Joubert) planned and coordinated the event, and we also thank them for their work.  Much more was accomplished during the day than we thought possible, and the  work was done well, so it will be nice to welcome home people for the festival to a place that is clean and well maintained!

Many thanks also for all who helped support our church community by providing funds for items that were on our "gift list."  Funds sufficient to purchase all of the items on the list have been received and we look forward to the remainder of the items being shipped to us and placed in our sanctuary in the near future.  Several of the gifts were given as memorials, so we are preparing the appropriate acknowledgments for publication in the near future.

We also welcome as a new Trustee Richard Leblanc.  Richard will begin his service as Trustee this week for a term of three years.  He replaces Yvonne Normand, who has been a Trustee for the last six years and whose term ends this week.  Many thanks to Yvonne for her years of service to our community in many capacities, but especially today for her service as Trustee and providing me with sound and prudent advice in the administration of our parish.  The other Trustee is Ed Moise, who just completed a three year term and has agreed to serve another three years.  Many thanks to Ed for his service and his willingness to continue to serve.

Finally, two things of note,   Many of you benefit from the daily meditations in "One Bread,One Body," which we place in the back of the church each month.  We received notice that the publisher can only send us 80% of our requested copies because they are having financial difficulties.  The publisher covers its cost of publication and distribution with donations received.  St. Landry Church makes a donation to the publisher each month, and in light of the financial difficulty it is having, we have increased our monthly donation.  In each of the booklets there is information on how to donate, so if you use and benefit from the publication, please consider donating to the publisher to help defray the cost of the booklets.

Lastly, don't forget that Hunter's for the Hungry is having its food drive today (Sunday, October 4).  This is a program where local sportsmen and their families are invited to "clean out their freezers" and donate frozen processed game and fish to help provide meals to those in need.  The collection point in Opelousas is Nissan of Opelousas from 10am until 4pm.

            Father James Brady


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