Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of July 19, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

(While Father Brady is away on vacation, he has invited the three Deacons of our parish to be guest contributors. This week we are happy to hear from Deacon John Miller!)

As of the twenty sixth of June of this year, I have had the honor of serving as deacon in the Roman Catholic Church for thirty eight years. I was the first deacon in the Opelousas area witnessing many weddings, baptizing countless babies, and grownups, and served under a number of great Pastors.

At the present time, my duty at St. Landry Church is the coordinating of the R. C. I. A. program. In the past years we have had the opportunity to welcome many converts into the Church.

Recently, I decided, it was time for me to no longer serve as Deacon during the celebration of the Mass, and devote most of my time to teaching religion. I enjoy serving but there comes a time when one must realize it is time to step down because of physical inabilities.

Fr. Brady recently asked me to begin a bible study class. This is the one thing that I enjoy very much and of course I was anxious to do so. The classes are held on Mondays. One class begins at ten thirty in the morning and the same class will be at six in the evening for those who are unable to attend the morning class. Starting in September we will begin an advanced bible study class. These will also be held on Mondays at the same time as the classes we are having now. The information on the dates will be announced in the bulletin later on this year.

Anyone who may have questions concerning these classes can contact me at 942-2911. I will be more the happy to help you.

      Deacon John Miller

Festival de la Grand Eglise!

On October 10, 2015,  the St. Landry Church Parish community will be hosting the inaugural Festival de la Grande Eglise… (The Festival of the Big Church). Please start spreading the word now to any family and friends who may be interested in joining us on that day to celebrate a homecoming of sorts, as well as get a look at the renovations to our church which should be completed by that time. The festival will have plenty of activities for the young and old alike!  


In a recent online article, 15 Amazing Churches In Louisiana That Will Blow You Away! topping the list at No. #1 is our own  St. Landry Catholic Church! Here’s the link:

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