Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of January 18, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

 Next weekend, we begin Catholic Schools Week, a national celebration of Catholic Education particularly celebrating our Catholic Schools.  The kick-off for the week will be at our 5pm Sunday Mass next weekend, at which time students at Opelousas Catholic will provide the music.  We hope you are able to attend!  Each of our children has a right to a Catholic Education, and this takes several forms: in our Catholic Schools; in home-schooling; and in CCD programs. During Catholic Schools week, we especially celebrate the gift that AIC and Holy Ghost Schools have been to our community, and that Opelousas Catholic continues to be to our community.

Now is also a good time to remember that the first and primary educators of our children are parents.  Proper education of children is both the right and obligation of parents.  It is important that parents transmit to their children by both word and deed the faith that was handed down to them.  Especially important is the teaching by "deed," that is, by example.  No matter what is said or taught about our faith, if there is not a serious and committed effort to practice the faith to go along with the words, the message will be undercut or not taken seriously by our children.  Children may hear what is said, but they more closely watch what is done.  Good parenting requires both, so let us make it our resolve to give both to our children!

The End of an Era at Opelousas Catholic:  Mr. Perry Fontenot

As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago we had a bulletin insert regarding the principal's position at Opelousas Catholic.  The Chancellor of Opelousas Catholic, Msgr. Keith DeRouen, asked that all the local parishes include in their bulletin a notice of job opening for that position because after some 14 years of service Mr. Perry Fontenot, our current principal, has decided to retire at the end of this semester.  Mr. Fontenot began his tenure at a time when Opelousas Catholic was struggling in many areas (as were many private schools), and he has worked diligently over his time as principal to help OC grow and prosper.  He has been devoted in his service to Opelousas Catholic and its children and families.  He has also been most gracious and pleasant to work with in my time as pastor here.  There is no doubt that he leaves Opelousas Catholic in better shape than it was when he arrived, and we are very grateful for his leadership, stewardship and service to our community.  We wish Mr. Fontenot good luck in any future endeavors he may have, and if you get a chance over the next few months, be sure to thank him for his service!

      God Bless

      Father James Brady

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