Friday, April 25, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of April 27, 2014 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Many of you have come to me offering to help with improvements to our church building. The sanctuary carpet is in need of replacement after decades of use. The handrails in the sanctuary could use replacing by some more fitting to sanctuary decorum. Our bathrooms are sorely in need of updating and being made handicapped accessible. Some have mentioned wanting to see the restoration of our beautiful sanctuary lamp. Currently, we do not use a fitting altar for our worship as our current altar is a table moved from the rectory some 40 years ago when the previous altar was broken. Because of this, we cover the altar with altar cloths. As a Eucharistic Community, we should provide a fitting altar for our most important formal worship, The Holy Eucharist.

With the approval of our Finance Council and Parish Advisory Board, we've begun a campaign to make all of these needed improvements to our church building: “The Sanctuary Project.” The cost of all of these improvements is about $100,000.

This is a St. Landry Church project in which we want all to participate in any way they can and know of our appreciation for their support. All identifiable gifts will be recognized in the bulletin by name or memorial alone, as requested by the donor. If we are blessed in receiving donations exceeding the costs of current planned improvements, we will use those donations for other improvements here in our church building – namely, improved lighting and sound as well as pew repair or replacement.

Although the campaign will officially start later this spring, we can accept donations now. Some of you have already heard about it and have pledged support as well as made donations. Many thanks to those who have already responded!

As your pastor, I am very excited about The Sanctuary Project. Although we are certainly pleased when projects are undertaken and achieved, the real joy is seeing the generosity of heart that underlies the project as thanks to God for what He has already given to us. It is a sign of the health and vibrancy of our community because of the Love of Christ that resides in our hearts. God Bless you all!

     Fr. James Brady

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