Friday, April 4, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of April 06, 2014 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Last weekend, we passed the halfway point of Lent.  Our focus slowly shifts from the fundamentals of removing sin from our lives and being more fervent in our prayer (Our Love of God), almsgiving (Our Love of Neighbor) and fasting (The discipline necessary to live a Christian life) to the Paschal Mystery (suffering and death leading to new life).  It is a good time to take advantage of Sacramental Confession and to meditate more deeply on the coming commemoration of Jesus' Passion, Death and Resurrection during Holy Week.  If we have not been faithful to our Lenten goals, it is never too late to begin!  If we have succeeded in our Lenten goals, we thank God for the Grace of conversion.  If we have failed in our Lenten goals, then we are humbled (in a good way) and realize our weakness and need for God's strength.  In any case, we don't give up, but keep trying!  God knows that we all struggle to live a good life in imitation of His Son, and delights in our effort, knowing it leads to a strengthened relationship with Him.  Our continuing struggle gives us new life in Christ, and thus we live the Paschal Mystery every day, looking forward to our Easter Resurrection at the end of our earthly life.

We also look forward to our Easter celebrations as a parish.  Please keep in prayer our children preparing for First Communion and young adults preparing for Confirmation.  As usual, First Communion will take place at the 10am Mass on April 27, 2014 and Confirmations will take place at the 5pm Mass on May 25, 2014, with Bishop Jarrell as celebrant.  Our annual parish picnic will take place on May 4, 2014 after the 10am Mass.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend and celebrate these wonderful events as a parish family. 

May God continue to bless you during this Lenten Season!

     Fr. James Brady

Congratulations to Yvonne Normand!  

Congratulations to our very own Yvonne Normand, who was named the Chamber of Commerce's "Citizen of the Year" last week.  This is the highest honor bestowed by The Chamber and recognizes Yvonne's service to St. Landry (civil) Parish as well as her work here in Opelousas and at St. Landry Church.  Yvonne and her husband Keith, along  with their children, are long time parishioners here at St. Landry.  Her family's dedicated service to our community goes back to her parents.  Of course, her father, Deacon Arthur Lognion, served here at St. Landry and is still gratefully remembered.  Yvonne's dedication and service to our church has always been greatly appreciated, and we are happy that her service to our greater community has been so fittingly recognized.

Congratulations, Yvonne.

St. Landry Church Lent Activity Schedule

Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday – Friday at 12:05pm; Saturday 8am (Church)
Confession Schedule
Monday – Friday from 11:30am to 12pm
Saturdays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Sundays 4 to 4:45pm
Citywide Penance Service – Monday, April 14, 6-7pm
Stations of the Cross
Fridays at 5:15pm in the Church
Followed by soup and bread dinner in Valentin Hall **********************************************
Additional Weekly Activities
All Activities are in Valentin Hall

Tuesdays at 6pm – Lenten Gospel Study. The study is in a modified “Come Lord Jesus!” format designed for Lent.

Wednesdays at 6am – “That Man is You!”

Wednesdays at 5:15pm – “Come Lord Jesus!” Group

Adult Confirmation Class – Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation for adults (21 years of age or older) will be provided on Monday evenings.  The Sacrament will be administered at the Easter Vigil (April 19 at 8pm).  Please call Deacon Diesi at the office (942-6552) for more details.

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