Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cemetery Tours Start Saturday, October 13, 2012

Travel to a place where voices from the past will greet you as you journey back remembering more than 200 years of our history ... 2012 is Louisiana's Bicentennial year. The tours of the St. Landry Catholic Church Cemetery give one a perspective into how our past has shaped our present and influenced future generations of our community. Learn which families were here and what their lives were like, and what events helped to shape our present day history.

The St. Landry Catholic Church Parish, Opelousas Little Theatre, St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission along with Community Volunteers are pleased to be able to share these historic portrayals of such an important time period with each of you.

All proceeds from the cemetery tours fund the Cemetery Historical Restoration Project. The tours began in 2003 and dozens of grave sites have been restored. This is our 10th anniversary year.

The cost of the 90 minute tour is $10 per person and the schedule is:

          Saturday:         October 13 and 14        Times: 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM

          Sunday:           October 20 and 21        Times: 2 PM, 3 PM

This year, you will meet spirits including ...

  • Bobby Dunbar who, 100 years ago this year, was involved in one of the most spectacular child abduction cases in the nation 
  • Governor Jacques Dupre who served as governor of Louisiana during the 1830's and served as both a representative and senator for decades 
  • Sophie Sims who, as a slave, worked as a housekeeper, cook, and nanny to a local family. She continued to share a close relationship with them after emancipation 
  • Sylvester Holmes, born in the mid west, and a cousin to a President of the United States 
  • Michel Prudhomme, born in the 1700's, who made donations to the community that provided for churches, schools, and even a hospital to this day 
  • Dr. Butch Bercier, a dentist from the 1800's 
  • J.P. Barnett, Sr, a local businessman involved in many of the businesses of Opelousas during the 1900's including the founding of LouAna. Find out how the growth of the movie industry resulted in the success of one of south Louisiana's most recognized products. 
  • Ida Veazie Pavy, wife of Judge Benjamin Pavy, who had a ring side seat to some of the most sensational cases in Opelousas history including the Bobby Dunbar kidnapping case 
  • And learn about the history and architecture of St. Landry Catholic Church as told by a decorated military veteran ... and priest ... Lieutenant Father Verbis Lafleur. You'll also learn about how Lt. Father Lafleur was involved in educating youth during his life as well as how he is providing for the education of youth today.
And on Saturday the 20th, at the 4 PM mass, our celebrant will be Bishop Michael Jarrell of the Diocese of Lafayette. Bishop Jarrell is a "son" of St. Landry Catholic Church parish as well as the grandson of one of our spirits, J.P. Barnett, Sr.

Please join us in remembering though who still make an impact on our community today. Your donation will help maintain our spirit's grave sites so that future generations will make sure they are never forgotten.