Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pastor's Corner - Message from Father James Brady

There has been much going on the last week. Initially, the attendance at our Masses has grown, and we hope that continues. The Mass is the central and most important part of our spiritual life because in it we worship God in the way Jesus told us ("Do this in memory of Me"). The Eucharist is the source and summit of our life, not just here on earth, but for our life in eternity. In this worship, we should always respond to the gifts God has given us. Because of the growth in attendance at Mass, there will be a need for additional ministers at our Eucharistic Celebrations. Our St. Landry Church ministry call will be next month, and I hope that those of you who are called to serve at Mass, whether it be as a Minister of the Word, Minister of Music, Extraordinary Minister, Usher, Minister of the Eucharist for those unable to attend Mass, or Altar Server will be generous with your time and talent if you have that gift to give at the service of the Church.

We began some projects this week on the grounds of the Church. First, the roofing project for Valentin Hall, and the parking garage have begun, beginning with the garage this week. The Valentin Hall project will begin within the next month. Also, the gardens next to the rectory building were removed by the inmates at St. Landry Parish Correctional Center. The proximity of the gardens to the building caused a drainage and varmint problem for the building. We appreciate the help from the men who came to remove those gardens and those at the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's office who made it possible! The roofing repairs for the rectory and south sacristy of the Church will begin next month, and hopefully, with their completion, will resolve all problems with roof leaks in our buildings.

Many responded to the request for a monstrance for the Valentin Hall Chapel, and the response is greatly appreciated. We will have a new monstrance in the near future. As a final note, many thanks for your generosity in giving to the Church. As you know, there are ongoing renovations to the rectory in addition to the other projects mentioned above. We've been blessed over the last few weeks with generous donations of materials and funds (both from inside our Church parish and from outside donors) that have made these repairs and renovations possible.

Father James Brady