Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monstrance needed

The monstrance used for First Friday adoration and benediction in the Valentin Hall Chapel is broken and it is not feasible to repair it.

The monstrance is a sacred vessel used to display the consecrated host for adoration, benediction, or during processions. The word monstrance comes from the same root as our English word "demonstrate" - to show. The monstrance is many times designed to resemble the sun, symbolizing Christ as the Light of the World.

If anyone is interested in donating a monstrance for our church parish, please contact me at the church office (337) 942-6552 or email me by clicking this link on the church website. Your generous gift of a monstrance will provide a beautiful item that will be central to worship in our parish for this and future generations to come.

Father James Brady