Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of March 13, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

It was such a delight to have Fr. John Quinn visit us last week.  He is certainly full of energy and zeal.  We thank him for bringing Christ's message to our community.  During Lent, a time of prayer, almsgiving and fasting as well as it being the Year of Mercy, we all should examine our lives and honestly reflect whether we dedicate enough of our time, talent and treasure to helping those in need.  This includes not only foreign missions, but also those who are in need in our local community.

Thanks also for your warm welcome to him and the generosity of those who were able to help him in his mission to aid "the poorest of the poor."  For those who were not here last week and would like to help, or those who simply need information on how to donate, the brochures remain in the church this weekend for your use.  Please feel free to pick them up and use the self-addressed stamped envelope attached to them to return the donation directly to Cross Catholic Outreach.

Catholic Radio in Acadiana
Speaking of charity in our local community, St. Landry Church, after consultation and agreement of our Parish Advisory Board, has agreed to be a sponsor of "Christ Our King Catholic Radio."  The radio station is currently heard on 90.5 FM, but the range of the station is limited to certain parts of the diocese.  Sometimes we are able to receive the signal here in Opelousas, sometimes not.  They have purchased a tower here in Opelousas and will begin broadcasting on April 4, 2016, not coincidentally the Feast of the Annunciation on 1230 AM.  With the new tower, not only will there be a strong signal here in Opelousas, but most of the diocese will receive a good signal.  The radio station, which is an EWTN affiliate, will have both national and local programming, and will promote different religious events in our diocese, especially events in parishes that sponsor the station.  This is a very exciting development and we hope that you will tune in for solid and entertaining Catholic programming.

Just a reminder that we, as a church community, have an obligation to be generous with the blessings received by us, and we do systematically support in various ways with time, talent and treasure several local charities.  We recommend them to you for your individual support in time and resources:

ICONS (local food pantry)
Lighthouse Men's Shelter
New Life Center (women's shelter)
Hope for Opelousas (children's formation)
Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana (children's formation)

Many thanks for our Bulletin Sponsors!!
Our bulletin sponsors make it possible for our bulletin to be published each week.  Shame on me, but I really do not thank them enough.  They quietly support our church and their bulletin sponsorship helps not only those who attend Mass to keep up with the goings on of the parish, but also supports a ministry to those of our community who cannot come to church as bulletins are mailed to them so they stay connected to our community with information and prayer.  I regularly have people mention to me on my visits to our homebound and to nursing homes how much they appreciate the bulletin and how much it means to them.  Please review the sponsors regularly, and if you are able, please patronize them with your business. In order to better recognize our sponsors we will begin featuring one of them with a spotlight in the bulletin each week.   

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