Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bulletin for the Week of January 31, 2016 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Our March for Life group returned home safe and sound late last Monday night from Washington, D.C.  We very much appreciate all your prayers while we were stranded.  We thank God for getting us home and at the same time allowing us to witness to the dignity of life in the march as well to do all the scheduled touring.  The blizzard began towards the end of the march, which was Friday afternoon.  The march was the end of our trip, so for the blizzard, it was for us just a matter of staying safe inside the hotel and waiting to be cleared for travel.  Little enough compared to what others had to endure.  

I would like to thank the parents and students who made the trip.  During the entire trip they were flexible and patient.  John Braham was, as usual, an able leader who kept us informed of things and with the help of our principal, Mr. John Cavell, they navigated the various procedures that were needed to both stay safe and get home.  The hotel was wonderful (The Hotel Harrington) and many restaurant staff persons in the area stayed at the hotel so that enough restaurants were open to feed the tourists.  It was very kind of them to do so when their own homes and families were also subject to the storm.  The experience certainly reminded me of our vulnerability as well as the general goodness of so many people at a time in history when we seem to highlight, at least in the news, the negative things that go on.  With all that being said, it's certainly good to be home! 

Valentin Hall
It is exciting that we will begin work on Valentin Hall very shortly.  As some of you might have noticed, a window was removed from the south side of the building and plywood was installed.  This was a "test window" so the contractors could determine the structure of the frame for the new windows.  The first phase of the project will be to replace all the windows with windows of similar style, but double pane.  This will help with energy usage and cost and greatly improve the look for the building.  This work should begin in earnest over the next month.

Besides the windows, some of the main features of the work that will be done include:

1.  Accessibility to the building and a bathroom for those with physical limitations; 
2.  Two other newly renovated bathrooms; 
3.  Central air and heat for the entire building (no more window units/space heaters!);
4.  Addition of a third conference/meeting room;
5.  Newly renovated kitchen more suited to our parish needs;
6.  Increased and properly finished office space on both floors;
7.  Adequate lighting and wiring throughout the building;
8.  Depending on the availability of funds, surfacing the gravel parking lot with asphalt.

As I mentioned when we announced this project, there is no need for a capital campaign so long as we meet our goal for the weekly offering, which to this point we have (of course, donations are never turned down should your heart be so moved by the Holy Spirit!).  Thanks so much for your generosity!  Also, please keep the project in your prayers.  As with any large renovation project, we won't know the full extent of what is necessary until we begin, so let's pray that we find what we expect! 

            Father James Brady

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