Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of November 1, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

It's good to be home from my trip to Philadelphia for my brother Ed's 25th Jubilee.  The trip went well, and I was able to extend to him all the good wishes many of you asked me to express.  He was very appreciative of the prayers and support!  Thank you much!!

This weekend, we celebrate All Saints Day, which is the celebration of what is commonly referred to as the "Church Triumphant." The Church Triumphant are those people who have gone before us from this life, and whose souls are now in Heaven in union with God. We hope many of our family members and friends are members of Church Triumphant, and we celebrate them for two reasons.  First, because they are now living in a state that we hope is also our final end, and our hope is to see them again there in perfect happiness.  Second, while living here on earth they gave us an example of living a life in Christ, which is the greatest gift any of us can give to another.  We thank God and all in The Church Triumphant for handing on the faith to us.

All Souls Day, which we celebrate on Monday, is a day we pray for what is known as the "Church Suffering."  The members of the Church Suffering have passed from their human life on earth and are now in purgatory, but "suffer" because they have not yet reached fullness of union with God. Praying for the dead is a good and pious act (2 Maccabees 12:46), and is one of the traditional Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Both these pious devotions are good for our souls and help us to grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus, so I encourage all of us to attend Mass both these days and participate in other services offered.  The blessing of the cemetery will take place this weekend on Saturday after the 4pm Mass, and Masses Monday for All Souls Day are at 12:05pm and 6pm (our Annual Memorial Mass praying especially for those who passed away last year).

Special Devices for Hearing Impaired Available
With the installation of the new sound system, it is so nice to hear compliments about the sound instead of complaints!!  We're so glad that so many of you are enjoying it as well.  However, we have several members of our congregation who have hearing impairments and may be in need of additional sound support.  We have available devices that receive the sound signal directly from the system and can be used with headphones or ear buds.  If you are in need of such a device, please see Fr. Brady and we would be happy to provide you with one.  Many people in our congregation have used them to great benefit, so don't be shy about asking for one!

Sacred Heart Statue
Our beautiful Sacred Heart statue is not missing from the sanctuary.  Rather, it is being re-furbished just like St. Jude and St. Anthony were.  We look forward to its return refreshed and updated.  Again, we thank those who have made the refurbishment of our statues possible.  Thanks much!!

God Bless

            Father James Brady

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