Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of September 13, 2015

The Pastor’s Corner 

In the bulletin this weekend is our annual financial report for fiscal year 2014-2015 (side by side with the budget published last year).  On the flip side of the page is our budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  I have worked with the Finance Council to provide you with an understandable presentation of our church finances.  As pastor, I am accountable to you for the proper use of the offerings given to support church ministry and operations, and the report is a way to keep you informed of the financial status of parish.  Overall, our financial status continues to be stable, and I thank you for your support over the last year.

  I would also like to report that The Sanctuary Project has been a great success and we are nearing the end of the work.  As soon as we are able, we will provide an accounting of the offerings given in the campaign and the cost of the work done.  Thanks again for your generosity and support.
The financial statement and budgets reflect that we have been and will continue to operate at or near the amount of our regular offertory and the offertory for repair and maintenance. Our parish is now fully staffed and able to provide all the services a church community should.  In an effort to keep you informed of our financial status throughout the year, we will continue to publish in the bulletin the amount of the average weekly offertory needed to meet our budget (which is $8,650), as well as the actual average for the fiscal year to date.

  Over the next year, we plan to renovate Valentin Hall so that it can better serve the needs of our community. The Finance Council and Parish Advisory Board have agreed that this needs to be done.  Other than the new roof we put on it 5 years ago, no substantial work has been done to the building since it was constructed in 1952.  Some places in the building do not have adequate heating and cooling or adequate plumbing.  We also need to modify some parts of the building to re-purpose it for parish use as opposed to use as a convent.  More details about the renovation will be provided as the plan moves forward.

  The financing for the Valentin Hall renovation will not require another campaign.  We have been able to save some money over the last few years, and we will be able to pay for the renovations by use of the funds we already have on hand if we maintain the level of our regular offertory at the goal we have set.  We ask that you please consider increasing the amount of your offering so that we can reach our goal.  In determining the amount one should offer, the following criteria may be useful:

1. The offering should be thoughtful and made after prayerful consideration, as opposed to arbitrary.
2. The offering should be generous, as it is only giving back what has already been received.
3. The offering should be substantial (as opposed to a token), showing the value we place on our spiritual life.
4. The offering should be appreciative, giving thanks to God for the gifts He has given to us.
5. The offering should be regular and disciplined, habitually keeping in our mind God's gifts to us.
6. The offering should be sacrificial (it is good if we can point to something we gave up to make the offering).
7. The offering should be in joyful spirit, in other words, we are "glad to do it."
8. The offering should not prevent us from meeting our obligations or cause undue hardship.

Also please be reminded of the impact legacy gifts have on our community.  The work we are going to do on Valentin Hall would not have been possible without legacy gifts our church has received over the last few years.  These gifts are a way to express gratitude for the service the church has provided to us and our community, and they help to perpetuate the mission of the Church for future generations. There are many ways one can provide a gift to the church in their estate planning, including wills, bequests, trusts, and life insurance policies, or the gift of stocks or a family home. If you are so moved, please remember the church in your estate planning or make a special donation to the church.  If you have any questions we can certainly help you with obtaining further information.

Thanks again for your generosity over the past year and your continued support! God Bless!!

            Father James Brady

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