Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bulletin for the Week of April 26, 2015 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Today we celebrate "Good Shepherd Sunday."  It is called "Good Shepherd Sunday" because of the Gospel reading of the day, taken from the 10th chapter of St. John's Gospel.  In the Gospel passage, Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd who will lay down His life for His sheep.  Jesus' willingness to lay down his life for us (meaning for our salvation) derives from the fact that if we choose to be, we are the sheep of His flock, and He has real love for us as a shepherd has for his flock.  During this Easter Season we continue to marvel at how good God is to us in giving us His Only Begotten Son, the Risen Christ and our Good Shepherd.  Thanking God for such a Good Shepherd, we continue to celebrate our Easter Joy!

Many of you are aware and have been praying for my father after his recent accident.  He fell a little over two weeks ago and fractured one of his vertebrae.  He was hospitalized in Baton Rouge for five days and then was transferred to a rehabilitation facility last week.  As of the time of this writing, he is progressing nicely and it looks like his recovery will be full.  Being there to help both Mom and Dad required me to be away from the parish a good bit over the last few weeks, and I'd like to thank Msgr. Melancon, our deacons and our staff for handling things while I was out.  Thanks to you also for your prayers and support.  My father, mother and the rest of our family very much appreciates it.

One blessing of Dad's accident was that I was able to spend a good bit of time with him, something we don't get to do very often one-on-one.  I was also able to spend some time with my mother as well, but not quite as much, as Dad was the center of attention.  The time spent with them was a wonderful blessing and something that I very much appreciate.  I have been blessed that my parents have lived a long life, Dad being 87 and Mom 83.  In this busy world of ours, we may not make enough time to care for and be with our elderly relatives, especially those in nursing homes or who are homebound.  Many of you have lost parents at a much younger age, and would give much to have had more time with them.  For those of us who have parent(s) living, it is good to remember the opportunity you have and the blessing it is to spend time with your parents.  If necessary, make the effort to mend fences.  It leads to a more peaceful passing for them, and a more peaceful life for us who remain.

Please mark your calendars and, if possible, attend the following celebrations:

            May 3, 2015 - Annual Parish Easter Picnic moved to alternate date due to weather following the 10am Mass

            May 24, 2015 - Confirmation (5pm Mass).

These parish celebrations of the sacraments and our parish picnic highlight the joy of the Easter Season in our parish community.

      God Bless

      Father James Brady

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