Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of December 21, 2014

The Pastor’s Corner 

Today we celebrate the fourth and final Sunday of Advent.  As the time celebrating the birth of our Savior approaches, we should intensify our preparation and anticipation of celebrating the Incarnation of our Lord.  This Fourth Sunday of Advent reminds us of our "call" by God to a mission here on earth, just like our Blessed Mother at the Annunciation in our Gospel reading today.  The goal of our life on earth is to fulfill the mission God has given to us, whether it be as wife, husband, single person, mother, father or religious.  God created us for this mission, but he made us free, so we are able to accept or reject the role God has given us in His overall plan of salvation as well as His plan for OUR salvation.  If we allow God to speak to us through the life of Jesus, not only this week, but at all times, then we can discern what is truly good for us in our lives.  Whatever mission God has for us, He will provide the Grace to accomplish it.  Once we determine what God is asking, then we decide whether or not to accept His invitation. During this last week in Advent, as we prepare for and anticiplate the coming of Jesus to the world, in our prayer let us put ourselves in a position to hear God's voice and accept the Graces Jesus gives us to fulfill our mission.

This week we also begin to celebrate Christmas.  Of course, we celebrate Christmas Day on Thursday in a special way, it being the birthday of Jesus.  However, we continue to celebrate the Christmas Season until the Baptism of the Lord, which is celebrated on January 11, 2015.  For the most part, the secular world will be finished with Christmas by the day after.  We, on the other hand, will continue to celebrate the Mystery of the Incarnation for more than two weeks.  Our Blessed Mother reflected on the marvel of the Incarnation in her heart (Luke 2:19).  So should we.  Let's not just enjoy Christmas Day, but the Christmas Season.

During the Christmas Season, we will celebrate The Holy Family, Our Blessed Mother, The Epiphany and the Baptism of our Lord in the weeks following Christmas Day.  We are given these Holy Days to strengthen our faith in The Incarnation and ponder the gift of God's love in the human nature of His Son.

Enjoy reflecting on the gift God the Father has given us in His Son.  Enjoy reflecting on the gift Jesus has given us in His Life, Death and Resurrection, the events that have led to our salvation.  Enjoy reflecting on the gift of the Holy Spirit, who prompts and empowers us to live a life in imitation of Christ.  Ponder the gift of eternal life (our one true Hope) given to us if we follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Let us, as a community, not follow the world in allowing Christmas to end after December 25, but rather keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year by continuing to celebrate and reflect on the great gift we have all received at Christmas: the gift of God Himself dwelling among us and leading us to eternal life with Him.

For all those who are out of town for Christmas, know of my prayers for you and wishes for your Merry Christmas!

      God Bless

      Father James Brady

Christmas Season Mass Schedule
Wednesday, December 24, 2014 @ 8:00am in Valentin Hall Chapel
(Regular weekday Mass)

Christmas Vigil Mass
4:00pm, Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Adult Choir
(Prelude music begins at 3:30pm)

Children’s Christmas Vigil Mass
6:00pm Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Youth Choir

Instructions for children bringing gifts:
Meet at the inside of the main entrance of the church at least 10 minutes before Mass to line up and process into church.
Please bring a new, unwrapped gift for a child.

Children will process in with Father Brady before Mass begins.
As the children come to the altar area, they bow before the altar, place their gift where shown,
and then return to the pew with their family.

Christmas Day
9:00am, Thursday, Dec. 25 - Cantor
Note:  This is the only Mass on Christmas Day

December 31, 2014, Wednesday @ 12:05pm
(Regular weekday Mass)

Feast of Mary, Mother of God Vigil Mass
December 31, 2014 Wednesday @ 4:00pm

Feast of Mary, Mother of God/New Year’s Day
Thursday, January 1, 2015 @ 9:00am and 5:00pm

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