Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bulletin for Week of August 24, 2014 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

In the next few weeks, we hope to complete the brick sign that has been installed on the short stretch of the street just after the corner that connects N. Union Street to N. Main Street.  The brick work is nearly completed, and we plan to install an engraved granite sign in the brick frame.  Many have asked questions over the last few weeks about what the construction was; and if it is a sign, what's it going to say?  The sign will simply say "St. Landry Catholic Church."

      As a matter of history, the plans to install a marquee sign for the church have been long in the making.  When I first arrived here four years ago, several of our parishioners suggested that we should take advantage of one of the busiest corners in the city by making sure people not from Opelousas driving through town knew what the church building was, that is, the name of the church and the faith of the congregation.  The people of Opelousas, of course, know St. Landry Church and refer to her affectionately as "The Big Church;" However, there are many who travel from Sunset to Washington who may not be familiar with our beautiful church building.

      It was true that we had no marquee sign for the church, so we began to look at the project more in earnest about two years ago.  We selected the location because it was a busy street and would have the best visibility since it would be set above the road.  The sign could be set far enough back so that it would not block the view needed to safely check for traffic when exiting the parking lot.  One of our parishioners, who does not wish to be recognized by name, offered to pay the expenses for construction of the sign.  Since we are in the historic district, there were certain limitations on the size of the sign and its composition, so we submitted the plans to the historical committee and they were approved.  Finally we began the process of selecting a contractor, and we are so happy that Lenard Bertrand was able to do the project.

      The "sign project" has been discussed at the Parish Advisory Board meetings for some a matter of fact, the monthly report on the status of the sign construction has been a running joke at meetings because it has taken so long to finally get to construction.  I am so glad we are finally near completion of the project.

      I think the sign turned out beautifully, not only because it is of high quality, but also because it is consistent with the beautiful architecture of the buildings on the church grounds and it fits the personality of our church community:  Traditional and Welcoming.  We thank Deacon Diesi for heading up the project, the parishioner whose generosity made the construction possible and Lenard Bertrand for constructing the sign. 

      God Bless

      Father James Brady

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