Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bulletin for the Week of June 29, 2014 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Last weekend marked my fourth anniversary of being your pastor.  How time flies!!  As with any church community, we've had our joys and sorrows over the last four years, as well as our successes and bumps in the road. Over the last year, we've said "good-bye" to people we love with hope of seeing them again in Heaven, and we've welcomed with joy new members baptized into our church.  We've had all the experiences in between:  First Confessions and Communion, Confirmations, Weddings, Anointings of the Sick.  We've even participated in our seminarians journey to priesthood with the Admission to Candidacy celebrated this weekend at the 10am Mass with Bishop Jarrell.  We've embarked upon our Sanctuary Project Campaign, and we've continued to make improvements to our buildings and plant.  We've also had to bundle up at Mass in this most cold winter when the air system was down.

   In all these things, however, my hope as your pastor is that in these experiences, whether joyful or not, that by the power of the Holy Spirit we've all grown closer to Jesus over the last year, and through that relationship, closer to God our Father, as we journey towards our destination of eternal life.  In the end, that's all that really matters.

I want to thank all of you for making my job as pastor a joy. My assignment to St. Landry and all of you have been a great blessing to me. Your patience and support has been wonderful, and is very much appreciated.  You all have made me a better person and priest over the last four years, and have taught me much. Our parish has changed much over this time, and my hope is our St. Landry Church community will continue to adapt to meet all your spiritual needs on your journey in life. Thanks again!

     Fr. James Brady


We have planned a pilgrimage to Rome and other parts of Italy in the Spring of 2015 from March 16th to 26th.  In 2013, we went to France and visited places of significance to our spiritual heritage here at St. Landry, including the tomb of St. Landry himself and the places where many of the saints depicted in our church lived and worked, like St. Bernadette, St. Margaret Mary Alocquet, St. John Vianney,  Therese of Lisieux and others.  This pilgrimage will focus more on the Universal Church, centered in Rome, the City of Seven Hills.  Besides the tour of Rome and the Vatican Museums and religious sites (including attendance at the weekly Papal Audience (dependent on Pope Francis' schedule)), it will include trips to the Abbey at Montecassino (founded by St. Benedict), Assisi (St. Francis and St. Claire), St. Padre Pio's Tomb, and Florence (optional, but highly recommended).  Brochures with more detailed information are located in the church for your review, and there will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, July 30 at 6pm in the Valentin Hall Dining Room.  Hope to see you there.
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