Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bulletin for November 17, 2013 and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

I have received many comments on the homily last weekend on the Sacrament of Marriage. The comments received have been very helpful to me as your pastor, and they also show that there are many people in our community who indeed did have a misunderstanding of the Church's teaching on divorce, remarriage and being properly disposed to receive Holy Communion. Many thanks to those who took the time to provide input to me on the homily. If you want to share the homily with family or friends, please know that the homily is available on our website (as are all our homilies). In this Pastor's Corner, a follow up on a couple of things may be helpful.

As mentioned last weekend, a civil divorce, in and of itself, does not make one not properly disposed to receive Holy Communion nor does it change one's status within the Church in any way. We are always saddened by divorce in the sense that we always hope for healthy and happy marriages. However, there are times when divorce is necessary, especially for the protection of children or of the spouse from some type of abuse, or in the case of abandonment. However, the sacramental marriage remains valid regardless of any civil proceedings. A sacramental marriage can only be annulled in a church proceeding. It saddens me that some might think that the church is not there to help and support them through a very difficult time in their life, or that the Grace and strengthening power of the Eucharist is not available to them during a time when it may be most needed.

The annulment process is available to all to explore, and should be completed prior to any remarriage. Not all marriages can be annulled, as we know that once a sacramental marriage is properly done, it is indissoluble (that is, cannot be undone). Jesus' own words provide the basis for this teaching: "Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate" (Matthew 19:6). The problem of being properly disposed to receive Holy Communion may occur when one makes the decision to remarry while still married sacramentally, or when one contracts a civil marriage or a marriage in another church community. It is important that one meet with a priest prior to contracting any marriage.

As always, please know that my door is always open to answer any question you may have about marriage. Regardless of whether one is properly disposed to receive Holy Communion or not, all are members of our church community and are loved as Christ would love them. My desire as pastor is to assist anyone who needs information or help in this regard. Please remember to bring this message to your friends and family!
           God Bless!

           Father James Brady

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