Friday, October 18, 2013

Bulletin for the Week of October 20, 2013 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Last weekend, we introduced the annual Bishop's Service Appeal (BSA), and a message from Bishop Jarrell was presented at all of our weekend Masses.  The Bishop's Service Appeal funds services and programs that we, as a parish, cannot afford to pay on our own.  By pooling the resources of all the individual church parishes in the diocese, services can be provided to the poor and vulnerable that would not be feasible for any individual church parish to provide.  In addition to aiding the poor and the vulnerable among us, the appeal supports other diocesan works, such as the education and support of our seminarians and the continued education of our priests.  St. Landry is blessed to have a seminarian studying for the priesthood, Ben Pitre (as always, please keep him in your prayers) who directly benefits from the donations made to the BSA.  St. Landry could not afford to pay for his education and training, but with funding from the BSA, his education and training is possible.

      The BSA pledge cards/envelopes will remain in the pews and at the doors of the church for your use.  Donations to the appeal can be made in the same manner as last year. First, for those who use offertory envelopes, you will receive special envelopes for the appeal in the mail with your regular envelopes, and the donations can be placed in the offertory at any Mass.  Second, for those who do not use envelopes for the regular offertory, the envelopes in the pews and at the church doors can be used and placed in any offertory at any Mass.  Third, for those who prefer to send the donation directly to the diocese, there are instructions on how to do so on the same envelopes located in the church.  When making a donation in this manner, please make sure that St. Landry is marked on the envelope so that we are able to track whether or not we have met our goal for the appeal.  Finally, donations can be made online at

      Last year, we were a little short of our goal for the appeal. Of course, our hope is that our parish will reach the goal this year in support of the many good programs provided by the diocese to St. Landry and to the people of our diocese. Many thanks for your generosity!

           God Bless!

           Father James Brady

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