Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bulletin for the Week of September 22, 2013 - and the Pastor's Corner

The Pastor’s Corner 

Enclosed in our bulletin this weekend is our annual financial report for last year and our budget for the upcoming year.  I have worked with the Finance Council to provide you with an accurate and easily understandable presentation of our church finances.  As pastor, I am accountable to you for the proper use of the funds given in support of our church, and these reports are a way of keeping you adequately informed of the financial status of our church family.  Many thanks to the Finance Council for its work and assistance in this endeavor!  Overall, our financial status is stable and getting better.  As I've mentioned in my previous yearly financial reports to you, one goal we've had as a community is to put St. Landry on firm financial footing, and at this point we have achieved that goal.  Many thanks to you for your support, as it would not have been possible without you!

As is indicated in the budget, there is a large project included under "Repair and Maintenance" to replace the underground pipes for our air conditioning system in the church.  This is a project that has been needed for some 20 years, but we have been unable to afford it.  As mentioned last year, the pipes are some 50 years old and have been leaking.  The leaking has worsened over the last year.  The project to replace the pipes will begin in the next month or two after we receive all necessary approvals, and should be completed by Christmas.

Over the last three years, we have been able to save enough money to pay for this project without incurring any debt.  A portion of this has come from our increase in the weekly offering.  However, a large portion has come from special donations we received over the last year, without which the project would not be possible.  The two major donations came in the form of a gift from the Estate of Joseph Wyble and the donation of the Titard Family home.  Many thanks to the Titard Family and Mr. Wyble and his family for their generosity and kindness in remembering St. Landry.

These special gifts to the church are a way to express gratitude for the service of the church to us and our community throughout our lives, and to perpetuate the mission of the Church in providing proper worship of God in the liturgy and service to our neighbors.  Similar to memorials, it is a tangible gift that leaves a spiritual legacy to help those still on their earthly journey.  There are many ways one can provide a gift to the church in their estate planning, including wills, bequests, trusts, life insurance policies or the gift of a family home.  If you are so moved, please remember a gift to the church in your estate planning, and if you have any questions we can certainly help you with the process.

Thanks again for your generosity over the past year and your continued support!

           God Bless!

           Father James Brady

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