Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anniversary of the First Mass at current St. Landry Catholic Church building - 102 years ago

Today is the 102nd anniversary of the first mass at St. Landry Catholic Church in Opelousas, Louisiana!

In 1900 a temporary church was completed. In 1902 the task of removing and clearing away the old church was started. In 1903 the foundation was formed with concrete and brick from the old church. On August 8, 1908 the cornerstone was laid. During the winter of 1908-1909 construction of the walls continued and was completed and occupied. On April 2, 1909, the first Friday of April and 102 years ago today, the first mass was said in the current St. Landry Catholic Church. The interior of the church was not completed. Father John Engberink was our pastor who built the church. Father Engberink is buried in the floor of the church near the sanctuary. Monsignor Albert Benedict Colliard followed Father Engberink as Pastor. Monsignor Colliard completed the interior. Monsignor Colliard is buried in St. Landry Cemetery near the cross. Monsignor Broussard was the pastor following Monsignor Colliard. Monsignor Broussard in 1963 had the interior of the church redecorated and air conditioned.


Deborah Morain said...

My grandfather, Lawrence LeJeune, Sr., was one of the men who helped remodel the church in 1963. He always told me a wonderful story about the pew we sat in every Sunday morning. It is the first pew on the right (facing the alter) located just after that side door entrance. Pop was a very tall man, and so to accommodate his size he left a little extra room between the seat and what would have been the back of the pew in front of it. I miss my grandfather, and I miss being in that pew every Sunday. Happy Birthday, St. Landry Catholic Church!