Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're growing - pardon our progress!

Our parish is growing!

With more parishioners becoming active in the parish, we're having to rearrange things, add more capacity, and update things. This is a wonderful thing!

You're going to notice some changes with our web presence as well. With so many people using our website, joining our email lists, downloading the recordings of homilies and our Lenten Mission, we're having to update things on the internet as well.

The large numbers of email notifications that we're sending out have required us to update the way we do it.

So ... this will be the last of the "old style" email notifications that you will receive. Later today, you'll receive a "new style" email notification. You don't have to do anything different ... the change will happen automatically.

The first email you will get will be the notification of today's homily being uploaded. You received an "old style" email this morning. You'll get what is effectively a duplicate "new style" email in a few minutes. This should be the only duplicate email you'll receive.

Thanks for your patience as we work through the kinks in this growing process. And thank YOU for helping to grow St. Landry Catholic Church!