Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Pastor's Corner - A Message from Father James Brady

This weekend, we say good-bye to our seminarian, Mr. Alex Albert. He will be returning to St. Joseph's Seminary College in Covington to resume his philosophy studies. We wish him well, but we will miss him. During his stay, Alex was active as a chaplain at Mountain Bayou the first few weeks of his assignment, and then focused on parish ministry the last six weeks. He was a great help in visiting the sick, teaching our children catechism, and doing much (maybe too much!!) manual labor in helping Monsignor Romero and I move during our recent change in pastor. His hard work is very much appreciated and we hope he will come back to visit us when he returns from school. Alex will be speaking at all the Masses this weekend - please wish him well or, if you are able, join him for a cup of coffee after the 8 am or 10 am Mass.

Last weekend we held our altar server in-service, training and picnic. Approximately 15 of our children participated, and all had a good time. Many people helped with the event and we thank them, but special thanks to Dwayne and Mary Joubert, who coordinated the event. I would like to say the servers enjoyed most the in-service and training, but that would not be true. It's hard to beat a water slide! Please remember, if your child is interested in the ministry of serving at the altar, please call Dwayne Joubert, whose number is on the front of the bulletin. This is a good way to teach our children how to be active in their church life at a young age.

A reminder that the Children’s Bulletins are given out AFTER THE MASS IN FRONT OF CHURCH. Please encourage your children to come and meet me for their bulletins.

Father James Brady